What is your favourite way to learn?

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Discuss your favourite ways to learn. Is it by reading, watching a video or listening to an audio clip? Or maybe it's by discussing it with others? Let us know!

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Re: What is your favourite way to learn?

by Nurudeen ibn AbdulAziz -
Our courses at the moment are delivered live online. We also have some pre-recorded content in video amd audio form, as well as text material to facilitate learning. We believe that a mixture of methods is best approach. That being said, what is your favourite method out of all of these? Do you prefer live lessons or pre-recorded lessons? Do you prefer in-person or online? Or maybe you prefer to read the material or is it all the above?

Whichever it is, you're welcome to offer your opinion about it here. 

At K1LDN, we aim to put our learners first and offer them what they want but with our expertise and experience guiding us. That's why your opinions matter to us, so please, let's have a conversation.